A Process of Inquiry and Advocacy

Narahiko INOUE, Ph.D.
Kyushu University

This is an introductory debate textbook for college English classes.
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(a shorter PDF version in Japanese)



Chapter 1. What is Debate?

Chapter 2. Basic Elements in Academic Debate

Chapter 3. Analysis of Proposition (Defining terms and finding issues)

Chapter 4. Proof (Analysis of Arguments)

Chapter 5. Reseaflch (Finding evidence)

Chapter 6. Affirmative and Negative Cases

Chapter 7. Writing and Presenting Speeches

Chapter 8. Refutation and Rebuttal

Chapter 9. Cross-examination

Chapter 10. Evaluating Debate

Chapter 11. A Manual of Staging Debate

Appendix 1. Traditions of Debate (Additional Reading)
(See .)

Appendix 2. Transcript (Speeches) of a Debate
(You can find more transcripts in some issues of the Journal of American Forensic Association and Championship Debates and Speeches.)

Appendix 3. List of Inteflcollegiate English Debate Propositions in Japan
(You will find a more exhaustive list at

Appendix 4. Sample Debate Videos

(You can find more videos at YouTube and Vimeo.)

You can find more links to debate-related resources at